Overseas surrogacy in Kenya – a couples nightmare

Part 2: The Kenya Surrogacy nightmare continues

If you are pursuing international surrogacy then this real life story of a couples nightmare experience of being stranded for the most part of a year in a third world country with an infant is an important read.  If you are seeking to pursue international surrogacy then begin at part one here. Part 2 continues below:

The embassy turn their back

Desperate and helpless, the couple turned to the embassy, who offered no direct assistance but simply suggested the couple seek legal advice.

Accompanied by a lawyer the couple visited the Kenyan birth registry where they were swiftly separated from their lawyer and then interrogated. The officials demanded to know all the details of the surrogacy and also the details of the couples same sex relationship.

After this traumatic, experience the couple decide to hire further legal assistance, recruiting the most established international law firm in Kenya.

Dead End

The new law firm advise there are almost no options available. Because the surrogacy agency Become Parents twice produced fake documents, the birth registry were refusing to assist with the case. This left 2 options.

Option 1. Go to court. Advise was this was an extremely risky option given the parents were a same sex couple and such a relationship is not only illegal but severely frowned upon. The law firm warned this could result in the child being taken from the couple and put into the hands of the State.

Option 2. Request the surrogate to change her real name to the fake name she used on the birth notification by deed poll, so that the nortification can be used legitmately to obtain a birth certificate.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

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