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  • A commercial surrogacy nightmare in Kenya – The traps to avoid.

    10th Aug 2019 by

    The surrogacy story in a nutshell Australian couple Ryan and James, began their commercial surrogacy journey as an exciting adventure.  However very quickly it turned into a nightmare as they became stranded with a newborn baby across the globe in a third world country.   Why?  Their surrogacy agency provided them with not 1, but 2… Read more

  • Overseas surrogacy in Kenya – a couples nightmare

    10th Aug 2019 by

    Part 2: The Kenya Surrogacy nightmare continues If you are pursuing international surrogacy then this real life story of a couples nightmare experience of being stranded for the most part of a year in a third world country with an infant is an important read.  If you are seeking to pursue international surrogacy then begin… Read more

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